Friday, January 29, 2010

Lions Coaches in Mobile

By the good graces of the NFL, the Lions' coaching staff had an inside pass and got to spend the better part of four days working with, and of course evaluating, some of the best senior college football players destined for the NFL this fall. Jim Schwartz, never one to tip his hand, always tended to be vague during his pressers. He complimented a host of players, never really singled anyone out as being better than another, and all in all kept his findings to himself. How Jim!

Based upon what has been written in various on-line articles by various analysts, reporters and amateur spectators, there are a few players who have stood out and possibly made themselves a great deal of money this week in Senior Bowl practices.

1. RB/WR Dexter McCluster
Likely the smallest player out there, but by all accounts the fastest and possibly the one with the greatest amount of heart. Used as a receiver and running back, McCluster used every opportunity to show off some considerable speed and overall skills. He never flinched from contact, even doing some hard running between the tackles. Though he's not likely to be used in a RB role, other than as a third down option, he has shown a competitive fire and the ability to break a play wide open. A likely second round pick now.

2. RB LeGarrette Blount
His widely publicized loss of emotional control will still cost him come draft day, but not nearly as much as it would have if he had not received an invitation to take part in this game. He ran hard all week, whether inside or outside, and displayed a humble demeanor to the press born of remorse for his actions. While some may have been looking at Jahvid Best or even Anthony Dixon as the possible third back off the board this April, I think Blount's name gets called early in the second round, possibly even by Detroit.

3. RB Jocquie Bell
The Wayne State Tartars sensation won the award as the top Division II player in the country, and certainly did not embarrass himself in Mobile. He displayed a good set of skills, whether running the ball, catching or blocking. While it is unlikely he is taken before the fourth round, it sure is better than a 7th round-UDFA grade like he had before. Some will still wonder if he has the speed to run away from NFL defenders, but that can be answered during the Combines and Pro Day workouts.

4. DE Alex Carrington
Arkansas State, who brought us the wonder known as Tarvaris Jackson, is now ready to introduce Alex Carrington to the NFL. Carrington was considered the best defensive linemen out there by some analysts, even better than more heralded DTs like Dan Williams and Jared Odrick. Carrington is an impressive 6'5" and 285 lbs, with a quick first step and the arms and hands to keep blockers off of him. He also displayed ample strength such that he was able to bull rush some pretty good offensive linemen and knock them on their butts. Carrington was carrying a grade of around a 5th rounder, but now may be looked at as high as the mid second round due to his ability to play defensive end in either a 43 or 34 defense.

5. OG John Jerry
Older brother Peria went to the Falcons in the first round last season, after he raised some eyebrows in last years Senior Bowl. The year brother John came to Mobile and has increased his draft stock, but likely not as much. Jerry didn't display flawless technique, but he was rarely off balance and was able to move his feet better than anticipated. He came to the practices in excellent shape, and by some accounts has lost some 20 pounds or more since the end of the college season. While he doesn't have the quick feet to be an elite NFL tackle, he does have the balance, hand quickness and technique to make for a damn fine NFL guard, or even right tackle. He will likely be taken in the second round, and could be the second interior offensive lineman off the board, after man-beast Mike Iupati goes in the first round.

Honorable Mention goes to West Virginia QB Jarrett Brown, who was the consensus best quarterback among both squads. While he doesn't possess the arm strength of Tony Pike, or the intermediate accuracy of Sean Canfield, Brown has enough arm strength and accuracy to do well enough to be considered a viable developmental prospect worthy of a mid to late second round selection. He could even be the fourth QB off the board, after Bradford, Clausen and McCoy, of course. How he manages the Senior Bowl South Offense while he's playing will be critical in his overall ranking.

All that said, this IS a Lions blog after all. It is obvious the Lions are going to be the proud parents of a defensive tackle in the first round. But the question is, what happens after that? The Lions have so many needs, what direction should they follow? Most have said that the Lions must go defense as often as possible when it makes sense. I agree. But those are not the only needs the Lions have. Left offensive guard has been an unsettled position for over a decade. In round two, there is likely to be a player or two who may be worthy of that #34 pick. Maurkice Pouncey, who was a center but has the size to play guard, could be considered. As well, the previously mentioned John Jerry is the kind of road grader guard the Lions would love to have between Backus and Raiola, but haven't been able to locate. "Address the lines, the rest will take care of itself" is a mantra many Lions fans have taken to heart, due to the ineptitude of the previous managerial regime to recognize that in the trenches is where the games are fought and won. Generals (QBs) may get the accolades, but it's the footsoldiers (linemen) who spill the blood and win the battles that decide the victories.

The Lions could also consider a running back, since the health of Kevin Smith is in question, as well as his overall capacity of being an effective full time running back. Smith displayed a tendency to hesitate at the line this past season, which may have cost him the respect of the coaching staff and other players. He criticized himself for it at times, but didn't seem to fix the problem. Overlooking the importance of having a dominant running back would be a mistake. Just ask Brett Favre, who continuously gave credit to Adrian Peterson for getting the Vikings to where they were at seasons end.

Other defensive positions to consider would be corner back and defensive end. In my eyes, cornerback is the single weakest position on the Lions roster. There was a complete turnover from 2008 to 2009, and it seemed like the secondary play got worse. It got so bad, that folks were wondering if Travis Fisher was looking for a job (he was in Seattle). It always made me wonder why the new coaching staff cut Keith Smith? He seemed like he was their best cover guy in pre-season, yet they parted ways with him. Obviously not the finest hour for Mayhew, Schwartz and Cunningham. But now they must look to fix that leaky secondary, and they can't wait until round five to pick someone off the scrap heap. Kyle Wilson seemed like he was velcroed to receivers he was covering in all the practices that took place in Mobile. He was smooth in his backpedal and was able to flip his hips without losing any speed or give up space to the man he was covering. He played zone well, reading receivers and quarterbacks and making play after play. While before this week he carried a third round grade, he could be late first round material now. If he's still on the board at #34, the Lions have to strongly consider him.

Lastly, there is the defensive end position to consider. I've already spoke of Alex Carrington, who could look very good in Honolulu Blue and Silver. He played the run and pass equally well, and would allow the Lions to cut Dewayne White, who obviously can't stay healthy and is running on fumes at this point. Others to consider would be Everson Griffen, Corey Wootton and possibly Ricky Sapp as a pure pass rusher. All three of those players, as with Carrington, likely won't be available in round three.

I understand and accept the idea of taking the best talent available. The Lions roster has been void of talent for quite some time. The more I look at the prospects available into the third round, the more I wonder if the Lions won't be considering a trade down in round two to pick up additional picks in hopes of adding more talent in more areas. But do you pass on a Kyle Wilson, or John Jerry, or Alex Carrington? Tough choices to make for the Lions front office and staff. I just hope they make the best choices for the team.

Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 NFL Draft Order (first round)

photoHere is a look at the 2010 NFL Draft order:

1. St. Louis (1-15)
2. Detroit (2-14)
3. Tampa Bay (3-13)
4. Washington (4-12)
5. Kansas City (4-12)
6. Seattle (5-11)
7. Cleveland (5-11)
8. Oakland (5-11)
9. Buffalo (6-10)
10.(Tie) Jacksonville (7-9)
10.(Tie) Denver (from Chicago 7-9)
12. Miami (7-9)
13. San Francisco (8-8)
14. Seattle (from Denver 8-8)
15. New York Giants (8-8)
16.(Tie) Tennessee (8-8)
16.(Tie) San Francisco (from Carolina 8-8)
18. Pittsburgh (9-7)
19.(Tie) Atlanta (9-7)
19.(Tie) Houston (9-7)

The tied picks will be determined by a coin-flip.

The order of the following teams is subject to the results of the playoffs.

21. New York Jets (9-7)
22. Baltimore (9-7)
23. Arizona (10-6)
24. Cincinnati (10-6)
25. New England (10-6)
26. Green Bay (11-5)
27. Philadelphia (11-5)
28. Dallas (11-5)
29. Minnesota (12-4)
30. San Diego (13-3)
31. New Orleans (13-3)
32. Indianapolis (14-2)

Picks 21-24 will be made by the wild-card round losers. Picks 25-28 will be made the divisional round losers. Picks 29-30 will be made by the conference championship losers. Pick 31 will go to the Super Bowl loser and pick 32 will go to the Super Bowl champion.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Matt Stafford Looks to be The Choice

photoWith the draft only a few days away the Lions new GM, Martin Mayhew, has said the club plans to have the top pick in the draft signed by the time their pick is announced. That pick clearly appears to be Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford. The two sides are said to be close to finalizing a deal.

It is also rumored that the Lions might already have a deal in place with linebacker and fan favorite Aaron Curry out of Wake Forest. Curry has stated publically that he will take a smaller contract than last years top overall pick, Jake Long of the Miami Dolphins.

It should be noted that the agent for Stafford is Tom Condon, not the easiest agent n the world to deal with so until the contract is signed in ink nothing is for sure.

But for now Lions fans must begin to accept that Matthew Stafford will indeed be the pick as Detroit now has claims to its "quarterback of the future". The future, howver, will not start immediately as Stafford will most like sit behind veteran Dante Culpepper who was impressive in the teams latest minicamp.

The strong armed junior quarterback stands 6'2" and 225 pounds. He compiled a 27-7 college record and ranks among the schools all-time leaders in passing yards (7,731) and passing touchdowns (51). Stafford won all three bowl games he played in and has been on the national radar after being ranked the top prep passer in the country by rivals.com after a stellar career with Highland Park in the Dallas area. He lead his high school team to their first championship since 1957, the same year the Lions won their last championshiop and at the same high school Lions Hall-of-Fame quarterback Bobby Layne (and running back Doak Walker) played for.

Stafford has a quick release and will immediately have one of the strongest arms in the NFL. He is, however, questioned about his decision making and less than ideal accuracy.

Regardless, it is time for Lions fans to start accepting reality even if they are gun shy after Harrington, Ware, Long, etc...

Friday, February 13, 2009

NFL Scouting Combine to Kickoff Next Week

photoLucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis will be the home to the NFL Scouting Combine to kick off next week, February 18-24. More than 600 NFL personnel will be on hand to evaluate the prospect performing a number of test including the 40-yard dash, bench press, 3-cone drill, vertical jump, and various position specific drills.

Combine Schedule:
Saturday, Feb. 21
Group 1 (OL, SPECIALISTS), Group 2 (OL), Group 3 (TE)

Sunday, Feb. 22
Group 4 (QB, WR), Group 5 (QB, WR), Group 6 (RB)

Monday, Feb. 23
Group 7 (DL), Group 8 (DL), Group 9 (LB)

Tuesday, Feb. 24
Group 10 (DB), Group 11 (DB)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Lions have 1st and 20th picks in draft (for now)

The Lions had already clinched the top spot in the 2009 draft, the real question is where their second pick would wind up. With the Cowboys loss to the Eagles, the pick sits at number 20 and works out like this:

You have San Diego 8-8 at #16 followed by the 9-7 Jets, Bears, Bucs, Cowboys and Cards for spots 17-21.

The Cards, being a playoff team, will go last out of this group so they get #21.

The winning % of opponents for the other teams shake out:

17. New York Jets (9-7) .471
18. Chicago Bears (9-7) .475
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7) .480
20. Dallas Cowboys (9-7) .498

The pick can move up one (19th overall) if the Chargers make it to the Super Bowl.

So we are pretty much assured of pick #20, if the Cowboys would have won yesterday we would have been looking at pick #22 since they would have had the same record as the Vikings but Minn would have had the stronger SOS at .503

The full draft order as of today, pending playoff results, looks like this:

1. Detroit Lions (0-16) .559 strength of schedule
2. St. Louis Rams (2-14) .533
3. Kansas City Chiefs (2-14) .537
4. Seattle Seahawks (4-12) .498
5. Cleveland Browns (4-12) .572
6. Cincinnati Bengals (4-11-1) .533
7. Oakland Raiders (5-11) .520
8. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11) .537
9. Green Bay Packers (6-10) .504
10. San Francisco 49ers (7-9) .447
11. Buffalo Bills (7-9) .453
12. Denver Broncos (8-8) .457
13. Washington Redskins (8-8) .479
14. New Orleans Saints (8-8) .496
15. Houston Texans (8-8) .518
16. San Diego Chargers (8-8) .516
17. New York Jets (9-7) .471
18. Chicago Bears (9-7) .475
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7) .480
20. Dallas Cowboys (9-7) .498 - traded to Detroit
21. Arizona Cardinals (9-7) .486
22. Philadelphia Eagles (9-6-1) .514
23. Minnesota Vikings (10-6) .504
24. New England Patriots (11-5) .480
25. Atlanta Falcons (11-5) .459
26. Miami Dolphins (11-5) .461
27. Baltimore Ravens (11-5) .521
28. Carolina Panthers (12-4) .488 - traded to Philadelphia
29. Indianapolis Colts (12-4) .498
30. New York Giants (12-4) .502
31. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) .525
32. Tennessee Titans (13-3) .459

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Friday, April 25, 2008

M2K's "Last Minute Final Offering" 3 Rounder with Trades


1 Dolphins OT Jake Long

2 Rams DE Chris Long

3 Falcons DT Glenn Dorsey

4 Raiders RB Darren McFadden

5 Chiefs DE Vernon Gholston

6 NY Jets QB Matt Ryan

******Projected Trade*******
Bengals trade 9 and 77 to Patriots for 7 and 129

7 Bengals(SF) DT Sedrick Ellis

8 Ravens OT Ryan Clady

9 Patriots (CIN) LB Keith Rivers

******Projected Trade*******
Panthers trade 13 and 74 to Saints for 10 and 146

10 Panthers (NO) DE Derrick Harvey

11 Bills CB Leodis McKelvin

12 Broncos OG Branden Albert

13 Saints (CAR) CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie

14 Bears OT Chris Williams

******Projected Trade*******
Texans trade 18 and 79 to Lions for 15 and 144

15 Texans (DET) RB Rashard Mendenhall

16 Cardinals RB Jonathan Stewart

17 Chiefs OT Jeff Otah

18 Lions (HOU) LB Jerod Mayo

19 Eagles WR Devin Thomas

20 Buccaneers CB Michael Jenkins

21 Redskins DE Phillip Merling

22 Cowboys RB Felix Jones

23 Steelers DE Calais Campbell

24 Titans WR Limas Sweed

25 Seahawks DT Kentwan Balmer

******Projected Trade*******
Falcons trade 37, 68 and 103 to Jaguars for 26 and 89

26 Falcons (JAX) QB Brian Brohm

27 Chargers OT Gosder Cherilus

28 Cowboys WR James Hardy

29 49ers LB Quentin Groves

30 Packers CB Aqib Talib

NA Patriots Forfeited

******Projected Trade*******
Ravens trade 38 and 106 to Giants for 31

31 Ravens(NYG) QB Joe Flacco


32. Dolphins CB Brandon Flowers

33. Rams WR DeSean Jackson

34. Falcons OT Sam Baker

35. Chiefs CB Antoine Cason

36. Jets LB Dan Connor

37. Jaguars(ATL) DE Lawrence Jackson

38. Giants(BAL) FS Kenny Phillips

39. 49ers LB Curtis Lofton

40. Saints DT Trevor Laws

41. Bills WR Jordy Nelson

42. Broncos DB Reggie Smith

43. Panthers RB Jamaal Charles

45. Bears RB Chris Johnson

46. Lions OT Duane Brown

47. Bengals WR Earl Bennett

48. Vikings WR Early Doucet

49. Falcons CB Tracy Porter

50. Eagles LB Xavier Adibi

51. Cardinals FS Marcellous Johnson

52. Redskins WR Mario Manningham

53. Buccaneers DE Jason Jones

54. Steelers OG Chilo Rachal

55. Titans DT Pat Sims

55. Seahawks TE Dustin Keller

56. Packers TE Fred Davis

57. Dolphins QB Chad Henne

58. Jaguars OT Carl Nicks

59. Colts LB Erin Henderson

60. Packers RB Ray Rice

61. Cowboys CB Justin King

62. Patriots RB Matt Forte’

63. Giants OG Jeremy Zuttah


64. Dolphins LB Phillip Wheeler

65. Rams FS DaJuan Morgan

66. Chiefs QB Andre Woodson

67. Panthers OT Anthony Collins

68. Jaguars(ATL) WR Andre Caldwell

69. Patriots CB Antwaun Moulden

70. Bears DT Dre Moore

71. Jaguars LB Shawn Crable

72. Bills TE Martellus Bennett

73. Chiefs OG Oniel Cousins

74. Saints (CAR) LB Geno Hayes

75. 49ers OC Mike Pollack

76. Lions DE Jeremy Thompson

77. Patriots (CIN) OT Geoff Schwartz

78. Saints SS Josh Barrett

79. Lions (HOU) CB Tyvon Branch

80. Eagles OT John Greco

81. Cardinals LB Cliff Avril

82. Chiefs WR Will Franklin

83. Buccaneers WR Malcolm Kelly

84. Redskins CB Charles Godfrey

85. Titans LB Beau Bell

86. Seahawks FS Thomas DeCoud

87. Lions RB Kevin Smith

88. Steelers CB Patrick Lee

89. Falcons(JAX) WR Eddie Royal

90. Bears SS Tom Zbikowski

91. Packers OT Mike McGlynn

92. Cowboys OG Roy Schuenninng

93. Colts DT Red Bryant

94. Patriots CB Terrell Thomas

95. Giants LB Marcus Howard

96. Redskins FS Quentin Demps

97. Bengals DE Chris Ellis

98. Falcons TE Brad Cottam

99. Ravens CB Orlando Scandrick

Friday, March 28, 2008

M2K's "One Month to Draft" 2 Round Mock Draft

2008 NFL Draft Mock
1 Dolphins DE Vernon Gholston Ohio State
Despite the fact that Miami desperately needs a quarterback, there is none available with the top overall pick. There are really only three players that should be strongly considered here, Gholston and the Longs. With their hybrid 3-4 system, I see Gholston getting the nod as the OLB opposite Jason Taylor, with the ability to drop into a DE role with a four man front. Though Chris Long has shown through workouts that he can perform well as an OLB in the 3-4, Gholston has the better overall athleticism.
Options: OT Jake Long, DE Chris Long

2 Rams DE Chris Long Virginia
The Rams won’t exactly consider Chris Long a consolation prize here. While Gholston may have put up astounding Combine and workout numbers, Long was a prolific pass rusher playing defensive end in the Cavaliers’ 3-4 defense. He has the quickness and frame to make the move to the same position in a 4-3, and the Rams really need a solid pass rusher.
Options: OT Jake Long, DT Sedrick Ellis, DT Glenn Dorsey

3 Falcons OT Jake Long Michigan
Like the Dolphins, the Falcons really need a QB. However, Matt Ryan doesn’t carry value here, and there will be good QB’s available in rounds two and three. The Falcons really need to better protect whoever is under center, and need someone to open holes for high-priced free agent running back Michael Turner. DT is a possibility, but Jake Long is a rare specimen and fills a huge need for the “Dirty Birds”.
Options: QB Matt Ryan, DT Sedrick Ellis, CB Leodis McKelvin

4 Raiders RB Darren McFadden Arkansas
Al Davis doesn’t follow any true rules when drafting players, other than one: go with the speed. McFadden can be this years version of Adrian Peterson. Though Justin Fargas was re-signed and did fairly well, everyone knows he’s not in the same league (technically he is) as McFadden. The Raiders could go with Ellis or Dorsey to replace Warren Sapp, but that would make too much sense for Davis.
Options: DT Glenn Dorsey, OT Ryan Clady

5 Chiefs DT Sedrick Ellis USC
Should the Chiefs gamble on Glenn Dorsey, or do they reach for a prospect? Their offensive line is in shambles, so moving down to get some value and taking Ryan Clady with a later pick makes sense. But all the trade bait players are off the board other than Ellis, and he does fill a need. Though just a small reach here, Sedrick could ultimately be a better NFL player than Dorsey.
Options: DT Glenn Dorsey, CB Leodis McKelvin, OT Ryan Clady

6 NY Jets CB Leodis McKelvin Troy
The Jets would be crying at this spot if they lost out on all the players taken before in this mock. McFadden, Gholston or Chris Long would be highly desirable. However the Jets also need to upgrade their secondary as well. McKelvin is a reach here, but he could start from day one on the Jets defense opposite Darrelle Revis. Andre Woolfolk was signed, but is not starting material in the NFL.
Options: DT Glenn Dorsey, CB Dominique Cromartie, LB Keith Rivers

7 Patroits (SF) CB Dominique Cromartie Tennessee State
It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Patriots find a way to move down and collect a few picks, but they may have very few takers. Rogers-Cromartie is perhaps the best pure talent at his position, but his small school roots could scare some. It won’t scare the Pats, who know talent when they see it, and typically draft it.
Options: CB Michael Jenkins, LB Keith Rivers, RB Reshard Mendenhall

8 Ravens QB Matt Ryan Boston College
The Ravens really need a quarterback, and though he may not be worth a top ten pick, Ryan is the best available by a long shot. The Ravens would be wise to try and trade down, as the next few teams have no needs at the position. However, should they be stuck with the pick, getting a new QB has to be the call.
Options: CB Michael Jenkins, OT Ryan Clady, DT Glenn Dorsey

9 Bengals DT Glenn Dorsey LSU
The Bengals landed free agent Darryl Blackstock, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t have linebacker needs. However, they still have to shore up their front four, and the will take what could end up being the best player in this draft. Recent medical issues aside, Dorsey is a disruptive force to contend with.
Options: LB Keith Rivers, DE Derrick Harvey, DE Phillip Merling

10 Saints CB Michael Jenkins South Florida
What does it say about college cornerbacks when the top three off the draft board this year are from “second tier” colleges? Jenkins is a big corner who has excellent speed and quickness. His zone skills need some work, as does his tackling. There are some character concerns as well, but that won’t prevent the Saints from taking him here.
Options: LB Keith Rivers, OT Ryan Clady

11 Bills LB Keith Rivers USC
The Bills could use a big wide out with possession skills or a cover corner. Since no receiver is worth this pick and the best corners are off the board, the Bills take the best defensive player available in Rivers. He can play any linebacking spot, and will become a starter before the ink dries on his contract.
Options: OT Ryan Clady, WR Devin Smith, DE Derrick Harvey

12 Broncos OT Ryan Clady Boise State
The Broncos would be thrilled if Clady fell to them here. Denver needs a replacement for Matt Lepsis, and Clady has the talent to start immediately. The Broncos need some help at safety, and they always seem to need defensive line help, but the offensive line is what needs to be addressed here.
Options: DE Derrick Harvey, DE Phillip Merling, WR Devin Smith

13 Panthers DE Phillip Merling Clemson
Carolina has stated that they would be willing to use their first round pick on a running back, and I for one don’t think they are kidding. If Mendenhall falls here, the Panthers may take him. But, I think the Panthers realize they need to get Julius Peppers some help, and will take Merling here to do just that.
Options: DE Derrick Harvey, RB Reshard Mendenhall, OT Chris Williams

14 Bears OT Chris Williams Vanderbilt
The Bears have to address some issues on offense; quarterback, running back and the offensive line have needs. Is Rex Grossman really their man behind center? Is Cedric Benson officially a bust? Who will replace Fred Miller? That last question is the one that will be answered with this pick.
Options: RB Reshard Mendenhall, WR Devin Smith, QB Brian Brohm

15 Lions DE Derrick Harvey Florida
The Lions have some desperate needs on their defense. A pass rusher, a middle linebacker and overall depth at just about every spot. Although he may not have put up great workout numbers, Harvey has proven his ability to get to the quarterback against top level college competition. The Lions need to get a replacement for the released bust known as Kalimba Edwards.
Options: RB Reshard Mendenhall, OT Jeff Otah

16 Cardinals RB Reshard Mendenhall Illinois
Edgerrin James may have seen his last game in a Cards uniform. Mendenhall represents a great value here, as many see him as a top ten player. He put up impressive numbers at his workouts, and game tapes show that he can translate that onto the football field.
Options: DE Quentin Groves, CB Aqib Talib

17 Vikings WR Devin Smith Michigan State
The Vikings would have loved an opportunity to land one of the top defensive ends, but miss out. They have a desperate need at wide receiver as well, and Smith has all the tools to be the answer to their desires.
Options: QB Brian Brohm, WR Devin Smith, WR DeSean Jackson

18 Texans CB Aqib Talib Kansas
Talib isn’t a value here by any stretch, but he fills a tremendous need. Houston can get a quality runner in round three, but likely not a corner of Talib’s caliber. Talib can also serve as a return specialist and has shown himself to be a smart and versatile player. He could start immediately.
Options: OT Jeff Otah, DE Quentin Groves

19 Eagles WR DeSean Jackson California
Andy Reid loves to take linemen on the first day, but he needs to address his skill positions now. Jackson is a flyer who can make great catches and has NFL skills now. It is likely that Jackson won’t start immediately, but that could change by mid-season.
Options: OT Jeff Otah, FS Kenny Phillips

20 Buccaneers QB Brian Brohm Louisville
The Bucs need to take care of their QB position before Gruden loses this team. Chris Simms is unlikely to start for them again, and Brian Griese is a stop gap. They need to get a future signal caller and leader out of this draft, and Brohm may turn out better than more highly touted Matt Ryan as an NFL starter.
Options: WR James Hardy, RB Jonathan Stewart

21 Redskins FS Kenny Phillips Miami, FL
Washington could use some help along their offensive and defensive fronts, but they also need to get someone to replace Sean Taylor. Phillips has good range and ball skills, and is the best player to try and fill the shoes of a player lost well before his time.
Options: WR James Hardy, DE Quentin Groves

22 Cowboys WR James Hardy Indiana
Jerry Jones knows that Terry Glenn should not be a starter now, and he needs someone to start opposite TO. Hardy is a big target with surprising speed and would take some heat off Owens in the Cowboys downfield offense.
Options: RB Felix Jones, OG Branden Albert

23 Steelers OT Jeff Otah Pittsburgh
The Steelers have been able to retain Max Starks, and even picked up an interior lineman to boot. With their offensive line set, the Steelers can look to other areas for fixing. Or will they? Starks will still be a free agent next year, and it is likely that Pittsburgh will look at Otah as an eventual replacement.
Options: CB Antoine Cason, OG Branden Albert

24 Titans WR Malcolm Kelly Oklahoma
The Titans need to land a wide receiver to help out their franchise quarterback. Kelly has slipped due to some questionable workouts, but scouts are wowed by his college performances and will judge him on that more than anything else.
Options: LB Jerod Mayo, OG Branden Albert

25 Seahawks OG Branden Albert Virginia
The Seahawks have had a solid free agency period. They’ve locked up Marcus Trufant long-term, and have strong depth at running back now, allowing themselves to shed Shaun Alexander soon. What is left? Finding a replacement for the hole left by Steve Hutchinson two seasons ago.
Options: DE Quentin Groves, DT Pat Sims

26 Jaguars DE Quentin Groves Auburn
The Jaguars are said to be interested in moving up to possibly land Phillip Merling or Derrick Harvey. If they fail in their attempt, they could go with Groves, who is faster than those two but lacks their strength. Since they need linebackers as well, it wouldn’t surprise to see Groves line up their for Del Rio either.
Options: DT Pat Sims, OT Sam Baker

27 Chargers OT Gosder Cherilus Boston College
San Diego recently released Shane Olivea, and they need to replace him. Sam Baker is a thought, but Cherilus seems to be a better overall athlete and was impressive at the Senior Bowl, as well as at his workouts. Minor character issues aside, Cherilus is the safer pick.
Options: WR Limas Sweed, CB Antoine Cason

28 Cowboys RB Felix Jones Arkansas
The Cowboys let Julius Jones walk, so they replace him with another Jones, who happens to be from the same school that owner Jerry Jones is an alumni of. Keeping up with the Joneses? Felix is an underappreciated talent who would have been a starter anywhere else in the country except Arkansas.
Options: CB Antoine Cason, OT Sam Baker

29 49ers (IND) LB Jerod Mayo Tennessee
The ‘niners got Mike Martz to design their offense, and then went out and signed Isaac Bruce and Bryant Johnson has their targets for the passing game. So, they can elect to use this pick on the other side of the ball, and use it to take someone to line up next to defensive ROY Patrick Willis, now that Derek Smith is done.
Options: OT Sam Baker, WR Limas Sweed

30 Packers RB Jonathan Stewart
Is anybody really buying the fact that the Packers think Ryan Grant, DeShawn Wynn or Brandon Jackson are the answer for this team out of the backfield? Stewart is a strong all-purpose back that the team will now have to rely upon with Brett Favre retiring.
Options: OT Sam Baker, CB Antoine Cason

31 Patriots Forfeited

32 Giants LB Dan Connor Penn State
The Super Bowl champs have some holes to fill on their roster after losing two starters at linebacker and another at free safety. The Giants have a decision to make and elect to go with a player who is versatile enough to play inside or outside for them.
Options: DB Reggie Smith, OT Sam Baker

Round 2
33. Dolphins QB Chad Henne Michigan
Parcells needs to get the future offensive leader for this team out of this pick.

34. Rams OT Sam Baker USC
Orlando Pace can’t play forever, last season proved that fact. Time for his replacement to be taken.

35. Falcons CB Antoine Cason Arizona
With DeAngelo Hall shipped to RaiderNation, the Falcons have to get a top notch cover man here.

36. Chiefs CB Tracy Porter Indiana
The Chiefs have no starting quality corner on their roster as of now. This pick helps take care of that.

37. Jets DE Calais Campbell Miami, Fla
Campbell falls after sub-par workouts, but he’s perfect as a DE in the 3-4 defense and Mangini knows it.

38. Falcons QB Joe Flacco Delaware
Finally, the Falcons make their pick to replace Mike Vick behind center, and Flacco could be very good.

39. Ravens OT Carl Nicks Nebraska
The Ravens know they have to replace Odgen, and Nicks is too good a talent to pass on here.

40. 49ers WR Earl Doucet LSU
While they may have signed some veterans, the 49ers still lack quality at the receiver spot.

41. Saints DT Pat Sims Auburn
He was more productive than Glenn Dorsey the second half of the season. Enough said.

42. Bills DB Reggie Smith Oklahoma
Some teams see him as a safety, others as a corner in the NFL. Buffalo wants him as a corner.

43. Broncos WR Earl Bennett Vanderbilt
A familiar face for Jay Cutler to throw to, and he fills a big need for Denver as well.

44. Panthers RB Jamaal Charles Texas
With DeShaun Foster gone, the Panthers want a partner for DeAngelo Williams.

45. Bears QB Andre Woodson Kentucky
Honestly, how much longer before the Bears figure this one out?

46. Lions ILB Curtis Lofton Oklahoma
Though he won’t start the season in the middle, he’ll end up there by season’s end.

47. Bengals OLB Erin Henderson Maryland
The Bengals are ALWAYS looking for linebacking help. When healthy, he’s a beast.

48. Vikings DE Lawrence Jackson USC
The Vikings still need to get someone who can effectively rush the passer.

49. Falcons OT Anthony Collins Kansas
New RB, new QB, now the Falcons need someone to protect them.

50. Eagles DE Chris Ellis Virginia
Jevon Kearse was released so the team needs quality and depth at the ends.

51. Cardinals CB Terrell Thomas USC
With Antrel Rolle moved to safety, the Cards need to find another starter at the corner.

52. Redskins DT Trevor Laws Notre Dame
The Redskins need someone who can get to the quarterback. Laws is quick and strong inside.

53. Buccaneers WR Mario Manningham Michigan
Just how much longer can the Bucs rely on Joey Galloway as a starter?

54. Steelers CB Justin King Penn State
The Steelers need to get some secondary help and do that with the speedy Justin King here.

55. Titans RB Chris Johnson East Carolina
Johnson will pair with Lendale White to form another “Thunder and Lightning” duo.

56. Seahawks TE Fred Davis USC
The Seahawks have to get a good tight end for their offensive, and Davis is it.

57. Packers DT Kentwan Balmer UNC
After trading away Corey Williams, the Packers will need someone to fill his spot.

58. Dolphins WR Andre Caldwell Florida
He could pair with Ted Ginn to form one of the fastest starting set of wideouts ever.

59. Jaguars OT Duane Brown Virginia Tech
Jacksonville needs to add some depth and quality to their starting offensive line.

60. Colts OLB Xavier Adibi Virginia Tech
Indianapolis likes speed on defense, and Adibi could start immediately on the strong side.

61. Packers TE Martin Rucker Missouri
With Bubba Franks gone, the Packers need to get a reliable big target for Aaron Rogers.

62. Cowboys OG Chilo Rachal USC
They’ve never really adequately replaced All-World guard Larry Allen.

63. Patriots ILB Philip Wheeler Georgia Tech
Youth infusion at inside linebacker is the Pats primary need and area of focus here.

64. Giants FS DaJuan Morgan North Carolina State
Gibril Wilson left for Oakland, so the G-men need to get themselves a starter here.